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Home & School allows for parents and families to support the students of our school in all various ways.  Go to our calendar to see what programs and events are scheduled. 

Every day The Home and School Association prepares a hot meal for our students and staff. Parents are encouraged to come to school to eat lunch with our students. The cost is $5.00



                                       Monday                  Tuesday                Wednesday                     Thursday                           Friday

Week 1:                          Pizza                    Baked Pasta             Burritos                         Big Franks                        Pizza

Week 2:                          Hispanic Day        Baked Pasta             Potato Soup                   Big Franks                        Pizza

                                                                                           Grilled Cheese Sandwich                                                         

Week 3:                           Filipino Day         Baked Pasta            Haystacks                      Big Franks                         Pizza

Week 4:                           Taco                     Baked Pasta          Special K Loaf                  Big Franks                         Pizza

                                                                                               Hash brown casserole


Week 5                          Taco                       Baked Pasta            Mac N Cheese                  Big Franks                        Pizza



Lunch times:

AAA Students eat at 11:00 am  Central time

Pre-Kindergarten and 5-8 students eat at 11:45 am Central Time

Grades 1-4 eat at 12:00 noon Central Time






Home and School is always looking for volunteers to help with various projects. For example: they plan a Thanksgiving meal for the community and school family. Please contact the school Thank you for your support.



Floral Crest School
1228 County Road 89
Bryant, Alabama 35958
Phone:  (256-597-2582)

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