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September 29, Thursday and September 30 Friday, Floral Crest School will have an ESTATE SALE and YARD SALE of items that have been donated to the School for fundraising. The Hours for the sale are 9am-5pm on Thursday and 9 am to 3 pm on Friday. Come and support the school. If you have items that want to sell for yourself and keep the money then you could rent a "booth" space to sell items. Booth space only $25 for both days. You are responsible to remove your items at the end of the sale. Some items available are quality furniture, beautiful dishes, and household items. Location: school. Contact the school at 256-597-2582 for more info. 



Floral Crest School Apple Fundraiser is today, September 22, 2022 through October 4, 2022.

Cut-off date for placing orders is October 4.


These are delicious #1 apples from Dayton Mountain, Tennessee.


Kinds available are:   Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Winesap, Rome, and hopefully Fuji will come in by then


Price: $35.00 per box (four-fifths bushel)


To place an order: call   Maxine Kay   256-632-3517


Expected delivery date:  October 5 or as soon as possible after that.


Please support our wonderful Floral Crest School.  Thank you in advance.




I am very excited to announce that beginning the school year 2022-2023, Floral Crest School will be able to offer an educational opportunity to grades nine through twelve.  Floral Crest School and Atlanta Adventist Academy have enter into a Partner Campus relationship.  


This partnership means that the educational package has been designed specifically for our school and our students through cutting-edge technology, delivered directly to each student.  This curriculum will meet all the requirements for the North American Division and the students will be instructed by fully certified and highly qualified instructors.  The academy will also supply all the curriculum and textbooks necessary for the classes that each student will be taking.


The instructions are conducted online with an instructor present online at all times.  Students are able to see, hear, and interact with their instructors and classmates at other sites.  The connection uses high-quality video and conferencing equipment broadcasting through the Internet.  Homework is turned in via the Internet or email.


Floral Crest School supplies the coordinator, classroom facilitators to monitor the students, classroom space, and the internet.


If you are interested, please contact the Floral Crest School/AAA Coordinator:  Jeannette Smith either via email (bunkie2011@gmail.com) or her phone (503-999-7832).

Floral Crest School offers grades 9-12 as a satellite campus of Atlanta Adventist Academy that provides TRUeConnect cutting edge technology-enabled education delivered directly to each student, meeting national and Adventist standards. 

TRUeConnect embraces “Real Time” interactive learning for students from many locations, who are joined together through telepresence technology. Students converse and interact with teachers and each other as though they were in the same location. Students connect from their local campus into live video classrooms.  Students can form lasting, meaningful relationships with their teachers and their classmates even though they are miles apart! 




Mission Statement:

Floral Crest School teaches students to: Think clearly, Act Responsibly and Serve God and Our Community.

Who we are?

We are a Seventh-day Adventist School located in Bryant, Alabama who employ teachers who are passionate and committed to providing your children with quality education in a Christ-filled environment.

Seventh-day Adventist school?

Our school is part of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist school network.  The Seventh-day Adventist educational system includes elementary and high schools, colleges and universities in countries around the globe.


Donations: If you want to make a donation to Floral Crest School  then simply make a check out the Floral Crest School and mail it to 1228 County Road 89 Bryant, AL 35958, attention: Treasurer. Thank you. Send emails to floralprincipal@gmail.com

Partner With Southern Adventist University!

Floral Crest School in partnership with Southern Adventist University participates in Partners for Eternity Service Scholarship Program. Read More..




Floral Crest School is ACCREDITED through  Middle States Association of College and School Commissions on Elementary and Secondary School.  (MSA-CESS) May 1, 2016- December 1, 2022


Floral Crest School is ACCREDITED through National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA). Accreditation from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2022