School Board

Floral Crest School is guided by an elected board of SDA Church members from the Floral Crest Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Ownbey Chapel Seventh-day Adventist Church, both are located on Sand Mountain in Alabama. The School Board meets every month, usually the third Monday, at 5:00 pm Central Time in the first classroom on the left.   See the calendar for regular schedule of meetings. Any constituent member of either SDA Churches may attend the meetings.

School Board members:

Wanda Beck, Chairman
Marcia Gifford, Principal (ex officio)
Maxine Kay, Home and School Leader (similar to PTA)
Tom Brevig, Treasurer
Linda Ferguson
Gracie O'Dell
Dwight Seek

John Wear
Mary Dorman
Leon Wade
Andy Mackey

Pastor Jason Carlson  (ex officio)
Scott Bowes, Educational Superintendent,  Gulf States Conference  (ex officio)