Jodi Scarbrough has taught all over the world. She taught Biology in Papua New Guinea and discovered how much she loved working with teenagers. She started the kindergarten and preK program at Golden Heart Christian School in Alaska. She has homeschooled, been a substitute teacher, taught 7th and 8th grade in North Pole Alaska. When not actively teaching, she has been involved with children's ministries. Mentoring young people is her passion. 

Marcia Gifford- Marcia is the teacher for grades 1-4 and the NEW PRINCIPAL at Floral Crest School in Bryant, AL. She loves children! Marcia graduated with a degree in Nursing from Southern Adventist University. She also graduated with a B.S. degree in Physical Education from Southern Adventist University. She earned her Elementary Education degree as well.  Marcia Mission Statement is above. 




    Brenda Grimm- Brenda teaches Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten at Floral Crest School in Bryant, AL.  She has been teaching at Floral Crest since August 2019. She loves teaching so much that she has been teaching her entire life. When she was in first grade she would spend the day in class then come home and teach her younger siblings everything that she had learned that day. The rest of the year the practice was continued. 


    Ms. Grimm has taught all grades from Pre-K through eighth grade during her 24 years of teaching. When Ms. Grimm is not teaching she likes to spend time reading, writing stories, making cards, gardening, and crocheting.

    Mrs. Laura Ringer  Choir

    Mrs. Laura has been teaching children for 40+ years in Jackson County, AL. She is originally from North Carolina, however she came to AL in 1966 and calls Sand Mt home. She is dedicated to the Lord and expresses that love to the children. She has four grown children, two boys and two girls.