Students learn in nature with hands-on projects. Floral Crest Student Association has various school spirit days. The one featured here is a international dress up day.  

Our classes focus on the child's needs. Teachers are caring and responsible, they make sure your children are receiving the best education possible. Teachers recognize each individual's talents and abilities and capitalize on those skills in order to strengthen areas of weakness. Assessment is an important piece to succeed at the goal of preparing students for a life of service to God and their community. There is no extra fees charged for the individual assessment. 

Students are happy and safe at Floral Crest School. Bullying is not tolerated. Students are taught to follow the "Golden Rule" as outlined in the Holy Scripture.  Students learn more when they feel safe. FCS is like a family in the way they relate to each other. For example, if a child falls down on the playground other students are there to help them up, and get an ice pack, or help him/her sit down. Each one has friends that are dependable and loving. 


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math (S.T.E.A.M.)

Bible includes reading Scriptures, prayer, character building stories, memory verses, Special Week long spiritual emphasis twice a year known as Week of Prayer", weekly chapel programs. 

 Language Arts includes creative writing, research paper, public speaking, grammar, mechanics (punctuation, capitalization), Spelling, vocabulary, Oral and silent reading, handwriting (manuscript and cursive).

Fine Arts includes drawing, painting, design, Music theory, choir, private piano lessons (extra fee for piano lessons)

Computer skills taught typing pal/keyboarding, word processing, power point, internet research, xtra math, IXL program, toolbars.