Tuition and Fees

Why we have Tuition

Tuition helps meet the expenses to operate our school. Floral Crest School could not operate without the faithfulness of our families to support by paying their tuition. The Floral Crest Church supports the school with its financial support every month. These generous donations lower the costs of students' monthly tuition fees.  Compared to other accredited Christian Schools, Floral Crest tuition is much more affordable for today's families. 

Tuition cost for 2022-2023 for Pre-kindergarten through eighth grade

Tuition for AAA High School Program is not included in the amounts below.  


Philippians 4:6-7-Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. 

One child $299 - (5% discount if paid on time, $284.05)
Two children $598 - ( 5% discount if paid on time, $568.10)
Three children $897 - (5% discount payment of $852.15 if paid on time)

One child pay in two payments on August 1 and January 1  you receive 15% discount instead of $1495 it will be $1,270.75 with the 15% discount. The same 15% discount applies to two or three children.

One child pay in one payment on August 1 for the entire year will be 25% discount instead of $2990.00 it will be $2242.50 per child. This is the best plan for families to plan to pay the tuition at the beginning of the school year and save 25% per child.

A one time fee of $250 registration is due at registration which is not refundable.
Discounts are given for paying before the fifteenth(15th)  of the month. Students receiving worthy student funds will not be eligible for a 5% discount however, tuition needs to be paid on time to avoid delinquent accounts. Scholarships for academics and attendance  may be earned the second year students are enrolled at Floral Crest School. 


High School Tuition Information


The 2022-2023 fees for grades 9-12 that were approved by the school board in April are as follows: 


Fees – Due Online at Completion of Application$100 Application Fee (Paid Online to AAA Student Registration)Due on Registration Day and payable to Floral Crest School$550 Registration Fee plus $400 Book & Technology Fee plus  $120 Partner School Activities Fee plus $215 SENIORS ONLY (Graduation & Class Dues)

Tuition $450/month August - May and payable to Floral Crest School

Partners For Eternity funds available for returning students.

Academic Scholarships are available for students.

Worthy Student Funds available for students. An application can be acquired from the principal.